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* 17 - 20 October 2018 *

Imagine you could sharpen your (personal) branding strategy under the Portugese sun. 'The Branding Escape 2018' is fully catered and allows you to escape your daily routine. Your stay is hosted in a luxurious villa with a private swimming pool, wonderful garden and comfortable rooms.

Immerse yourself for three days in a relaxing and inspiring environment to reinvent your authentic brand. Work hard, play hard! You will return home with a renewed focus and a clear branding plan.


You become what you believe.
— Oprah Winfrey

time to reflect

If you want to be successful it is essential to reflect on your business regularly. Every professional knows how important it is to take some distance to reflect, refine your vision, adjust your strategy and refresh your mind. 

To actually make this happen is often easier said than done. Because of the continuous battle for your valuable time and attention, it is often the first thing we neglect. At the expense of yourself and your business. 

Real transformation starts when you decide to invest in yourself. Switching gears in a different and inspiring environment opens doors to new opportunities and surprising possibilities. 

Fully immerse yourself for a few days makes you look at yourself and your business from a different perspective. Without being disturbed or distracted by your daily tasks and worries. It will change the way you do business forever.


the experience


Prepare yourself for a few days filled with good food, fun, focus and relaxation. 

The workshop sessions start at 10 AM and end at 4 PM.  To keep you energized, you can enjoy healthy food and smoothies. If you want to be active before or after the workshops, you can take a dive in the private pool, take a walk to the charming village or nearby beach. 

Would you rather retire with a good book or just relax? That is possible in the adjacent garden. 

Life is a hell of a lot more fun if you say YES rather than NO.
— Richard Branson



(Re)invent your authentic brand

How can you shape your business with your unique personality so that it is a reflection of your ambitions? A series of illuminating and inspiring experiences to find the heart of your true potential.

Feed your inspiration

Unleashing your potential starts with investing in yourself. Discover what you need and what you should turn down to feed your inspiration and uniqueness.



Enchant your customers

Discover how you can share your unique story and convey your added value. All this to make sure you attract the right customers, investors, sponsors etcetera. They should choose you and pay what you are worth!

Embrace your lifestyle

Learn what you need and which steps you should take to build your business around the lifestyle that makes you happy and suits you best. 


zwembad en terras

the program

You will receive the itinerary and a workbook (specially created for this workation).  To give you an idea of what we have in store for you, check the program below. 


You either arrive in the morning or the afternoon. Spend your free time as you wish. Meet the other participants during a  welcome dinner in the villa.


The first session starts at 10 AM. We will first go back to basic. The work you will do in the following sessions will prepare you for the coming days and the rest of the year. 

Prepare yourself for a good dose of inspiration and an energy boost!

In the afternoon, we build upon your vision and challenge you to lift your brand to the next level. This is your chance to develop your route to success instead of leaving it up to coincidences and good fortune. 

uitzicht villa


What do you need to lift your business to a higher level and attract the right customers, investors, sponsors etcetera? 

We guide you through a series of practical sessions that give you the  insights to strenghten your brand and find the right jobs/clients/funding that suit you and your lifestyle. 

Carvoeiro sunset


After a joint breakfast it is time to say goodbye and return home. Feeling charged, inspired and ready to roll with your brand new branding plan! 


overdekt terras


Included in this fully catered, luxurious three day escape are: 

  • Accommodation

Your stay in a luxurious villa with private swimming pool, a breathtaking view and a gorgeous garden. You can choose to stay in a SUITE or a DELUXE room. Book with a friend or we link you to another guest.  

  • Your meals, drinks and snacks during your stay in the villa

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are provided in the villa. 

  • Bed linen and towels


  • Flights

The final destination is easy to reach via Faro Airport. This airport has  direct flights from several airports in Europe. Sometimes it is a good idea to fly to Lisbon and travel to the final destination by car ( approx. 1,5 hours) or by bus (approx. 3 hours) 

  • Transfers from and to the airport

From Faro Airport it is approximately a 40 minute drive to the villa. We create a private Facebook Group so you can make arrangements with other participants to travel together.

  • Drinks and meals which are consumed outside the villa are for your own account
pool view.jpg
Carvoerio view

the setting

The villa is situated in the picturesque fishing village Praia do Carvoeiro in the south of Portugal. The region, called the Algarve, has the most hours of sunshine in Europe which makes it a popular holiday destination.

The villa is close to the lively centre with nice shops, good restaurants, gorgeous views and beautiful beaches. So it is not surprising that Madonna and Sir Cliff Richard own a house in this wonderful region.

The minute you arrive at the villa through the gates, you realize that you arrived at a magnificent place. In the warm and inviting living spaces you will soon feel reborn. Enjoy the beautiful garden with lots of luxury and privacy and relax by the swimming pool with a refreshing drink.

You can choose a SUITE (limited availability) or share a DELUXE room with another guest (with two single beds).



bedroom villa


€ 1.197,- p.p. (single occupancy)

€ 897,- p.p. (double occupancy)

DELUXE rooms are assigned beforehand. When you bring a friend, you can share a room (double occupancy). DELUXE rooms have two single beds. 

Note: Prices are exclusive of VAT.


€ 1.397,- p.p. (single occupancy)

€ 997,- p.p. (double occupancy)

The SUITE has a double bed, a nice ensuite bathroom, a spacious balcony, an amazing panoramic view over the Portuguese scenery.

Note: Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Zwembad villa